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Preparing Your Child for Primary 1

For most parents in Singapore, getting their little one to primary school is a challenge. Perhaps, it's not any different for you. Either some schools don't provide the infrastructure or faculty that are most desirable or have very limited seats and too much...

5 Important Primary 1 skills

The entry into Primary School is a big step for your little one. From a smaller and cozier preschool environment to a class of 30, your child may take a while to learn how to navigate through the new environment. Here, our founder Kelly Ong, shares 5 essential Primary...

Developing Numeracy Sense in your Children

Numeracy involves skills that may not always be taught in the classroom. This includes the ability to use numbers and applying them to make sense of the world or solve problems in real life. Are we able to help support our preschoolers to develop “numeracy sense”? Click here to download our guide to learn how!

Presentation Skills Tips

The one easy way to become worth 50 percent more than you are now — at least — is to hone your communication skills — both written and verbal ~ Warren Buffett. Do you know that with the new PSLE Chinese syllabus, the Oral component carries a greater weightage in the...

Becoming Better Writers

Composition writing is an area which some parents may find challenging to coach their children in. Besides understanding the exam syllabus and marking rubrics, for children to do well in this paper, the child needs to have a strong vocabulary bank and a good dose of...

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